Housing for the Box

The SolidWorks files can be found under \Anna-c704sqipPulse BoxSolidWorks. With these files, one can order anywhere. The cheapest company (by much) so far was EGU Metall. Their quote can be found under \Anna-c704sqipPulse BoxSolidWorksQuote. Since the inputs and outputs have to be galvanically isolated and there are isolating SMA connectors, one has to use a non-conducting material for the front panel. For example, one can order 6mm POM (plastic) at “Technische Kunststoffe” and the guys from the mechanical workshop will mill it. Some additional things have to be ordered as well.

Handles: RS-Components part number 667-0365 Network cable connector for front panel: RS-Components part number 186-3149 Power supply: RS-Components part number 177-804 Fans: if desired, any 12cm fan will do


The main board and the break-out board are mounted above the frequency generator to save room in the case. Up to 10 DDS boards could be mounted in the back (but only 9 connector holes in tqhe panel). The frequency distributors can be mounted in the front or in the back. If additional PCBs have the same size as the frequency distributor (100mm x 70mm), they can be mounted too.