Miscellaneous hardware stuff

Firmware download

The working firmware for the PBox generated by Paul is available at


Building the firmware in quartus II

make sequencer_top.vhd

make sequencer_top.map.eqn

Open the project sequencer top.qpf in Quartus. Press Ctrl+L

How to set up the clock switches

Set both clock selection switches so that they point towards the sma clock connectors. Connect the 100 MHz clock to the left clock input.( The one which is besides the ethernet plugs)

How to set up the ip address

To set the ip address on the fpga board use the red dip switches. The pinout is:


set dhcp to OFF

The ip address is 192.168.0.X where X=220 + ip1 + 2 * ip2 + 4*ip3 + 8* ip4